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Wholesale China supplier RCD 13A protected safety double socket

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1.An easily fitted Socketincorporating a Residual Current Device, give much greater safety in the use of electrical appliances against a rick of electrocution.
2.HWSP plastic type can be fied to a standard box with minimum depth of 25mm.
3.Designed to be usd in the fied position only and not mounted outdoors. Press green reset(R) button the indicator flag turns red and indicator light turns on.
Press white/yellow test(T) button the indicator flag turns black and indicator light turns off means the RCD has tripped successfully
4.Designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS7288, and used with BS1363 plugs fited with a BS1362 fuse only.

Technical Data

1.Rated Voltage:AC220-240V/50Hz
2.Maximum operating current:13A
3.Rated trip current:30mA
4.Typical Trip time:40mS
5.RCD contact breaker:Double pole
6.Cable capacity:6mm

Wiring Instruction

Terminals are clearly marked L,N,E on the back of RCD which should be wired with the same way as an ordinary socket.

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