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which is ideal for charging device for iphone/ipad/MP3/MP4 /other mobile phone /other portable devices and so on. 

Data sheet:
Types: 2 USB ports; 1 USB port & 1 way UK socket
Material: PC clad, with 2 ON/OFF rocker switches
Socket input: 240VAC / 13A
USB output: 5VDC / 2.1A
USB AC-DC average efficiency: 75%
Surge voltage: 2KV
HI-pot: 1.5KV/1min
Cable capacity: 5*2.5mm2 max
IP Rating: IP2X
Certified: CE & RoHS

·Smooth switch-on with low current
·Power consumption when standby≤0.3W
·overload protection, circuit protection, thermal protection
·USB continuous power 12W
·Combine with USB and UK socket
·Easy installation, reliable function 

·Switch off before installation
·Wiring with USB socket
·Wall mounted by screws
·Switch on for 5VDC & 240VAC output
·Start to use if above goes well 

Warning! If the fuse can’t work, do ask qualified electrician to change at switch-off!!