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Performance feature and Application
This welding machine is featured with small volume,light weight,it is covenient to carryover for traveling construction;
Digital display of charging voltage,it is simple,visual,convenient,economic,and has fast speed and reliable quality;
I has high instantaneous power,require low power supply capacity,discharging time is as short as 0.001-0.003s;
Good welding quality,strong adaptability,it can be used instead of riveting,boring,manual arc welding,resistance welding and braze welding;
It is suitable for welding sheet metals and studs of carbon-steel,stainless steel,copper,etc;
It can be widely applied to construction,shipbuilding,hardware,household electrical appliances,chemical equipment and other industries.

Spec. RSRJ-1600 RSRJ-2500 RSRJ-4000
Input voltage (V) 220/50 220/50 220/50
Range of voltage(V) 20-190 20-190 20-190
Diameter of weldable stud(mm) M2-M6 M2-M8 M2-M10
Low carbon steel,stainless steel
Capacitance of capacito(Uf) 66000 90000 150000
Welding rate(pcs/min) 10-15 10-15 10-15