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Performance feature and Application
Small volume,lightweight,easy to move and set up;
Simple and economy,angle can be regulated in real time;
The power is supplied by wire feeder safely,need not connect with extra power source;
Advanced automatic operation setting and automatic guides systen,may realize operating automation;
The carriage can run forward and backward for welding;
Widely applied for ship building,bridge building,metal structure and metal plate work.

Spec. DET-8SS
Input voltage(V) AC 220V/DC 24V
Speed(mm/min) 0~1270
Rated input capacity(W) 25
Attraction force(kg) 10~30
Rated output current ../up/down,left/right50mm
Duty cycle 0~360
Dimension(mm) 300×230×260
Net weight (Kg) 80~500