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Performance feature and Application
Adopts the moving core type in high Leak anti transformer,the main electro circuit using the series-wound structure with single phase bridge type commute circuit and reactor;
It can process multi welding in same time without electrictiy snatching;
Suitable for welding acidity and alkalescency electrode and heavy electrode in Φ2.4~Φ6;
Adapt to welding low carbon steel and alloy steel;
It has the merits of occupying little space,using widely,maintaining and repairing easily.

Spec. ZXE1-500/400×3 ZXE1-500/400×6
Power voltage(V) 3~AC380 3~AC380
Frequency(Hz) 50 50
Rated input capacity(kVA) 126 252
Open circuit voltage(V) 74 74
Rated output current (A) 500/400 500/400
Duty cycle(%) 60 60
Current adjust range (A) 80~400 80~400
Current adjust range (A) 80~500 80~500
Suit welding rod dia(mm) Φ2~Φ6F Φ2~Φ6
Dimensions(V) 1700×1050×1650 1700×1050×1850
Weight(Kg) 665 1050