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Performance feature and Application
One machine multi purposes,it needs not to change the machine;
It is able to realize various modes and welding of various metals;
DC pulsed argon arc welding is able to realize high quality welding of sheets,dissimilar metals,plates of different thickness,doubleside forming technology;
AC argon arc adopts twice inversion technology,has puresquare wave output,fine arc stiffness,strong reverse cleaning capacity,wide cleaning range,the arc will not break easily at weak current

Spec. WSME-200 WSME-315
Power voltage(V) 3~AC380 3~AC380
Frequency(Hz) 50 50
Rated input capacity(kVA) 8.4 11.2
Rated input current (A) 18 23
Rated load voltage(V) 56 45
Open circle voltage(V) F F
Insulation class 10 15
Duty cycle(mm) 60 60
Wekdubg tgucjbess(%) Φ2~Φ6F Φ2~Φ6
Dimensions(mm) 498×328×302 560×364×302
Weight(Kg) 34 15