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Performance feature and Application
With automatic compensation for mains voltage,it can keep welding current stable in the cold or hot state;
Adjustable thrust of electric arc,easy to strike the arc,droplet transfer,not adpt to stick electrode;
Two control ways:machine control and remote control,the remote control distance up to 10m;
Applicable for acid,alkaline and low-hydrogen electrode of Φ2.4~Φ6;
Applicable for welding the low carbon steel and alloy steel with the low~hydrogen electrode as well performing the full-position weld to the iron core and stainless steel;
Applicable for TIG welding power(simple argon arc).

Spec. WS-630 WS-800 WS-1000
Power voltage(V) 3~AC380 3~AC380 3~AC380
Frequency (Hz) 50/60 50/60 50/60
Rated input capacity (kVA) 47.6 52 66
Open circuit voltage(V) 81 81 81
Rated output current(A) 630 800 1000
Duty cycle (%) 60 60 60
Current adjust range(A) 30~630 50~800 50~1000
Dimensions(mm) 655×535×910 770×640×1150 770×640×1150
Weight(kg) 245 380 420