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Performance characteristics

  1. Booth box and electric wells load-bearing cover completely separated
  2. Booth box circuit breakers, earth leakage switches are used the world famous brand products. Installed in a safe, closed cabinets port box equipped with a sealing pad, the lid fitted with a buckle and fasten the buckle can effectively eliminate ground dust, moisture and water erosion and to ensure the protection class booth box above IP65
  3. All power outlets with high level of protection of the world famous brand IP67 industrial connector socket, installed on the outside of the case, the direction of the ramp, easy-swappable.
  4. Booth box casing material using the 3MM stainless steel 304 material has good rust and corrosion.
  5. Electric wells bearing cover 10MM 304 stainless steel material, the load 50KN
  6. Power inlet protection class IP67 cable glands, has good fastening tightness.
  7. The booth box comes with mounting brackets the electricity well the inner wall of the booth box at the top from the load-bearing cover electric wells 50MM-100MM, booth bottom of the tank from the bottom of the electric wells 200MM-300MM. In addition, the electric wells have good drainage measures; ground water seepage into the electric wells timely rapid discharge will not endanger the safe use of electricity to the booth box.

Technical parameters

  • rated operating voltage: AC380V/220V
    rated insulation voltage : AC380V
  • rated frequency : 50HZ
  • rated current and short-time withstand current: the main circuit 100A、4.5KA
  • protection : IP66
  • cover load : 50KN
  • outgoing circuit : 6
  • cover and outlet : 2
  • Outgoing circuit rated:
      380V/32A/IP67   2 load
                             220V/16A/IP67   4 load
  • Dimensions: 650(L)×650(W)×320(D)

Installation Diagram

  1. pull connected tendons
  2. outlet port
  3. handle
  4. industrial connectors (IP67)
  5. 10MM stainless steel cover
  6. buckle
  7. strong the electrical incoming cable glands(PG36/IP67-5)
  8. power control box
  9. 5MM damping pads

Installation notes

  1. Electric wells border should be strictly in accordance with map products and construction
  2. Installed electric well borders should be symmetrical with electric wells center, horizontal error of not more than 2MM
  3. Electric wells should be equipped with a floor drain and laying large diameter drain pipes

Electrical system diagram