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IoT circuit breakers manufacturer AC 230V 440V 6KA radio control multifunctional internet of things circuit breaker

Short Description:

Removal of complexity, simplicity, intelligence and multi-purpose

A multi-functional IoT smart switch that integrates power metering, overload, short circuit, over-under-voltage, phase loss, leakage, over-temperature protection, timing, over-under-power, anti-theft, remote opening and closing, and network communication functions.

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    iot circuit breaker-A

    Technical parameters and basic functions

    Instantaneous trip type>C type (other types, can be customized)

    Rated current>40A, 63A, 100A

    Meet the standard>GB10963.1 GB16917

    Short-circuit breaking capacity>=6KA

    Short-circuit protection>When the circuit is short-circuited, the circuit breaker 0.01s power-off protection

    Leakage protection> When the line is leaking, the circuit breaker will be cut off for 0.1s

    Leakage protection value>30~500mA can be set

    Leakage self-test>According to the actual usage, the day, hour, and minute can be set

    Overvoltage and undervoltage protection> When the line is over or undervoltage, the circuit breaker will be powered off after 3 seconds (0~99s can be set). The overvoltage setting is 250~320v, and the undervoltage setting is 100~200v.

    Power-on delay> When a call comes in, it will automatically close, 0-99s can be set

    Power-off delay>When the power grid is suddenly cut off, the circuit breaker is in the open state, and can be set in 0~10s

    Setting rated current>0.6~1 In

    Overload delay protection>0-99s can be set

    Over temperature protection>0~120℃ can be set, circuit breaker opening time can be set 0-99s

    Underpower>The amount of load change can be set, and the breaker opening time can be set from 0 to 99s

    Overpower>The amount of load change can be set. Breaker disconnection time can be set from 0~99s

    Power limit>When the limit power is reached, the circuit breaker will be powered off after 3S (0~99s can be set)

    Timing control> can be set, the body can be set 5 groups of time

    Unbalance>Voltage and current can be set as percentages, protection time can be set from 0~99s

    Record>Locally can query 680 switch event logs

    Display>Chinese and English menu

    Times>Record the various operation times of the circuit breaker. Determine whether the circuit breaker is within its effective life

    Maintenance>Setup self-check, device reset, battery reset, record reset, clock synchronization, restart device, restore system default, etc.

    View>Locally can view voltage, current, leakage current, temperature, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, cumulative power, daily power consumption (view 7-day records)

    Manual and automatic integrated control>Mobile APP or PC control, can be controlled by buttons, or can be controlled by push rod (handle);

    Cover plate, pull rod>It has the function of anti-misclosing mechanical interlock for preventing electricity theft and overhaul

    Communication mode>WIFI

    Software remote upgrade>The program can be customized according to actual usage. Realize remote update and upgrade

    iot circuit breaker-B

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